My Bespoke Coaching package provides the premium level of personal coaching support to ensure you get the challenge, enjoyment and results from your running that your hard work and commitment deserves.

What makes the difference?

The key difference is the personal touch you get. The most important aspect of coaching is regular communication between athlete and coach. Hence, we keep in touch by weekly telephone calls. That way you know you are doing the right training at the right time for you. You get the support of all my elite level of knowledge and running experience when you need it.

How do we get started?

Before we start we get to know each other with a detailed initial assessment. This can be either be face to face or via video call. We take an in depth look at your running including previous training, injury history, running style, physical preparation and movement skills. Then your fully personalised training programme is tailored to fit around your work, family and other commitments. I ensure we make the most of your time whether you can run every day, once a week or it varies from week to week.

How do we keep in touch day to day?

Your bespoke plan is set on Training Peaks. Therefore its easy and convenient for you to see your training schedule each day and let me know how it went using the Training Peaks app. From Training Peaks I can see all of the data from each session you run too. Via Training Peaks we can share mutual feedback on each run. It’s easy to review and amend your schedule so you know your training plan is responsive and progressive. We can also keep in touch by phone, message and email to ensure you have the regular coaching support and advice you need with ideally a weekly catch-up video call as well as as frequently as you require.

It’s not just about running

To support your running I provide a fully-personalised basic running conditioning and exercises programme to develop your strength, improve your technique, and minimise injury. This may include mobility exercises, running drills and conditioning workouts. This is supported by basic nutrition advice for your training and racing. Finally, I bring all my top-level competition experience to your races. You get tailored race-day advice and post-race feedback. This gives you the confidence and belief to successfully translate training into performance.

Set up cost: £100 Includes video consultation, detailed analysis of running history/training and injuries  

Monthly coaching cost: £150 per month 

Additional face-to-face personal coaching sessions: £100 per hour

What’s Included…

Initial consultation to establish

  • Current fitness, running history, aspirations and goals
  • Race plan and target race(s)
  • Any injury history and relevant health history
  • Other sport and fitness activities
  • Work, family and other commitments and lifestyle considerations
  • Nutrition
  • Detailed coaching assessment of running style, technique, fitness and physical preparation status either via video or face-to-face
  • Bespoke, individual fortnightly training plan personalised to fit your daily commitments and other activities set via Training Peaks app to include:
    • Running training including steady running, intervals and other running sessions, guidance on effort, pace and heart rate as appropriate
    • Personalised progressive programme for running exercises, technical drills and physical preparation exercises
  • Weekly telephone or video review of training
  • Monthly review of physical preparation and running exercises session
  • Regular feedback on each run and as much two-way communication as required by you via telephone, video call, Training Peaks, message or email to provide coaching, feedback, motivation and support on training and progress
  • Basic personalised training nutrition advice and support
  • Advice and development of full race plan over set period of time to identify additional races to support target race and/or long-term training goals. Race plan fully incorporated into training plan
  • Race advice for each event including personalised preparation, mental strategies, nutrition, pace and feedback
  • Basic Training Peaks Athlete account (option to upgrade to premium account at additional £9 per month) to enable easy and convenient mutual feedback on every run and training session