With my Individual Coaching package you have a personalised training programme which recognises your unique training needs. I coach you whether you want to start running, run fitter, run further or run fast. Each week your plan is set for when you can run and your training fits around your work, family and other commitments. Even if these change at the last minute. Most importantly, it is not just a training plan but a coaching package. This means we have regular contact to provide all the advice and guidance you need. What’s more you get motivation to get out of the door,  better focus on your goals and confidence in your ability. 

As part of the initial set up I get to know you as a person as well as your current fitness, running history, targets and aspirations. You can be confident we start from where you are now and plan the right training for you. We incorporate your races into your training plan to ensure its focused on your goals throughout. Whether your goals are just to finish or to improve your running and run a new personal best time. 

Using the Training Peaks app makes it easy and convenient for you to see your training each day. You can let me know how each run went. In turn, it ensures I can see all of the data from your runs. This means I know exactly how your running is progressing. We share mutual feedback on each run via Training Peaks as well as keeping in touch by message and email.

Finally, because it’s not just about running, I give you advice and guidance on basic nutrition and general running specific exercises. So we ensure we strengthen your body, core and legs, improve your technique and minimise injury.

Setup cost: £75 for initial assessment and analysis of running history/training and injuries

Monthly coaching cost: £90 per month

Additional face-to-face personal coaching sessions: £100 per hour

What’s Included…

  • Initial telephone consultation to establish
    • Current fitness, running history, aspirations and goals
    • Race plan and target race(s)
    • Any injury history and relevant health history
    • Other sport and fitness activities
    • Work, family and other commitments and lifestyle considerations
    • Nutrition
  • Personalised, fortnightly training plan to fit your other activities set via Training Peaks to include:
    • Running training including steady running, intervals and other types of running sessions, effort, pace, heart rate as appropriate
    • General running exercises, technique drills and physical preparation exercises
  • Regular feedback on each run and as much two-way communication as required by you via Training Peaks, message or email to provide feedback, motivation and support on training progress.
  • Basic training nutrition advice and support
  • Races incorporated into training plan as required by you. Advice on race-day plan, pace and nutrition
  • Basic Training Peaks Athlete account to set programme, enable mutual feedback on every run and training session (option to upgrade to premium account at additional £9 per month)