Marathon Training Workshops & Masterclasses

Masterclass in Marathon Training

Improve your marathon training and pace your marathon to perfection! 


Our new Running Jo Marathon Training Workshops and Masterclasses aims to help you get the most from your marathon training. Running your best marathon relies on both effective training and the ability to put it all into practice on race day. So many runners make it to the start line only to fail to meet their expectations on the day. We aim to ensure you achieve your potential by sharing our expertise of marathon training and performance. 

The Workshop includes:

  • Understand why pacing is so important to marathon performance with examples from elite marathon runners
  • Understanding how to pace your long runs and marathon race more effectively
  • Practical advice for development of pace judgement skills in marathon training.
  • Several examples of specific marathon training workouts 
  • Overview of marathon race nutrition and why its so important on race day
  • How to develop your race plan
  • Opportunity for Q and A on your own marathon training runs, marathon pace and race strategy


90mins Online Masterclass 

Before each Masterclass you will get an email to request some information about your previous marathons (if applicable) and your current marathon training and goals. This ensures we can tailor the workshop to you and your individual marathon training needs.


£10 per person


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Jo Wilkinson is a fully qualified British Athletics Endurance Coach, former GB marathon runner and Top 20 Elite London Marathon finisher.

She currently coaches a range of marathon runners from England Masters representatives across a range of age groups, several sub-3 hour runners to those running their first marathon.

Each workshop enables you to share her elite experience and extensive coaching knowledge to help you improve your next marathon.

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