Do you or anyone you know want to start running but you are put off by the thought of joining a running club? Then Run Together is for you.

It’s been four years since I joined Run Together and started my own group as a Run Leader. In that time despite becoming a fully qualified British Athletics club and setting up my own Running Jo Coaching business I still lead a weekly local Run Together group.

What is Run Together?

Run Together is an initiative led by England Athletics. The guiding principle of Run Together is that running and jogging are for everyone – whatever shape, size, age or speed – and running is far more fun when you run with others.

There’s around 2,400 Run Together groups across England whether you are a complete beginner or have started jogging and running regularly and want to challenge yourself more. There are three levels of groups provided by Run Together.

“Get me Started”

These are groups to provide a gentle introduction to running for beginners or those who haven’t run for years.

“Keep me going”

These groups are for those who run a few times each month and can generally run or jog 5k without stopping.

“Challenge Me”

Finally, these groups are for those who generally run once or twice each week and are looking to increase their pace or distance.

But what they all have in common is a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere with lots of encouragement and a strong focus on enjoying running.

Why do I love Run Together?

Because the core values and principles of Run Together are ones that I share. As someone who has gained so much from running – fun, friendship, fulfilment as well as fitness – I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to run. Many of the members of my weekly Run Together group would never consider themselves fast enough to join a running club. Many of them don’t think they can even run. And quite a few of them profess to hate running! But that’s what I love most about Run Together – showing them that anyone can run. And even more – demonstrating that anyone can learn to love running. You just need to find the right group.

Find my Running Jo’s Run Together group here or search Run Together to find the nearest group to you.